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Our Brands

Rx Linc is a comprehensive pharmacy solutions partner offering advanced data analysis, market insights, and superior customer service designed to enhance your operations and profitability. We transform complex data into actionable strategies, empowering thousands of pharmacies across the country to maximize their potential and supercharge their success.

Claims processing

Our secure, high-speed network guarantees seamless claims processing, claims capturing and claims adjudication, backed by a dedicated team offering 24/7 support.

Business intelligence

Our business intelligence platform SCRIPTWI$E is designed to give your pharmacy a competitive edge through in-depth dispensing trend analysis, store-specific insights, and strategic recommendations tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Data Analysis & insights

Leveraging advanced data analytics and extensive industry knowledge, our team targets and rectifies billing errors that chip away at your profits, empowering you to concentrate on patient care while advancing your financial performance.

MaxCare redefines the PBM landscape with a true pass-through model that prioritizes member well-being and champions independent pharmacies for their superior health outcomes. We take pride in our transparent, consultative approach, offering personalized, cost-effective pharmacy benefit management tailored to each organization's needs.

Pharmacy Benefit Management for employers

MaxCare prioritizes cost-effective and efficient treatment for our members. This means complete transparency in pricing and flexible plan options to fit each employer's needs. We go beyond basic pharmacy benefits with a suite of specialized services, encompassing clinical expertise and dedicated member support. This comprehensive approach ensures your members receive the optimal care at the most affordable cost.

Pharmacy Benefit Management for hospices​

For hospices and their patients, MaxCare extends the same transparent, member-focused pharmacy benefit services we're known for. We understand the unique needs of hospice care and tailor our solutions to deliver the best possible outcomes. This includes transparent pricing for medications, ensuring hospices can manage their budgets effectively while focusing on patient care.

Stratos Insights offers strategic pharmacy consulting services designed to enhance your buy-side negotiations and deliver custom, in-depth evaluations of direct contracts for superior business outcomes.

RFP analysis

We collaborate with buying groups and independent pharmacy owners to meticulously analyze wholesaler RFPs, ensuring comprehensive data review and empowering members with the critical information required for effective negotiations and informed decision-making in selecting the best proposal.

Procurement Optimization

This specialized service is tailored for clients who oversee their own physical or virtual warehousing operations, navigating through manufacturer negotiations for generic products distributed by wholesalers. Our approach strategically identifies and quantifies unrealized savings and opportunities at locations that are not currently opting for preferred product selections.

Third Party Contract Analysis

We help clients analyze the profitability of their direct third party contracts to determine the viability of specific contracts to their overall business.

Clear Benefits specializes in streamlining the complexities of health insurance plans for both independent pharmacies and their patients, allowing pharmacists to focus on what truly matters: patient health and well-being.

Medicare Navigation

This unique solution empowers pharmacies with the ability to ensure patients stay in-network through annual Medicare open enrollment and beyond. With a state-specific network of expert insurance agents and turnkey solutions to alleviate the burden of plan reviews, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions that maximize your pharmacy's potential.

Employee Benefit Solutions

We designed our comprehensive insurance solutions with the specific challenges of independent pharmacies in mind. Our value-packed insurance offerings ensure competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of benefits and coverage.