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Who We Are

Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma, Inc. (PPOk) was organized in 1985 to provide efficient, effective, cost controlled administration of managed care prescription drug programs.

Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma is committed to cost containment strategies and information management. PPOk provides Third Party Contracting Services, Central Payment, Claims Reconciliation, RxLinc Claims Transmission, Contract Compliance Monitoring, MAC Evaluations, RxProtect Audit Services and Buying Group Programs for over 3800 pharmacies nationwide. PPOk is a membership owned Not-for-Profit corporation whose sole purpose is to ensure the viability, success, and competitiveness of its participating pharmacies.

Representing Pharmacy Membership in All Aspects of Pharmacy Practice

Lobbying efforts at state and national levels on issues affecting pharmacy have been successful in many arenas.

PPOk has been effective in documenting the increased costs of Mail Order Prescription Services and converting many plans to our “Maintenance Drug Program”. Multiple month prescriptions are obtained in local PPOk Member Pharmacies.

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